Firewood Information

Cord Sizing

Face Cord (Cord)- 8’ long x 4’ high x 16” wide; 1/3 of a full cord

Full Cord (Bush Cord)- 3 face cords; 8’ long x 4’ high x 4’ wide

Wood Storage Tips:

- Stack wood in a dry, sunny area with plentiful wind. Airflow helps dry wood and wick away moisture

- To minimize pests entering your home, store wood a minimum of 20 feet from the nearest entrance to your home

- When stacking wood against a structure (shed, trees, walls), ensure there is 2”-4” of spacing between the structure to maintain airflow behind the stacked wood

- For green wood stack with the bark side facing down to allow moisture to evaporate

- To keep rain/snow off your stacked wood, cover the top of the stack with a tarp leaving the front and back as well as the sides of the stack open to keep the wood dry and minimize rot/mould

- Keep any vegetation trimmed around your stacked wood

- Keep stacked wood off the ground through the use of wooden pallets to maintain airflow below the wood and minimize rot from sitting on the ground

- If pallets are unavailable, stack wood in an area free of debris, vegetation and NOT on dirt (limits animals, insects and rot)

8 Reasons to Heat with Wood

Clean Emissions

Burning seasoned hardwood firewood releases less carbon dioxide than burning fossil fuels such as natural gas or propane = cleaner air.

Renewable energy resource

Properly managed forests naturally reproduce on their own. This means there will always be a source of wood when we need it.

Excellent Heat

Radiant heat from burnt wood is a great way to heat yourself, a room and your home.


Fantastic primary or supplementary heat source. In case of power outages or crisis, you can be self reliant.


Great way to save money compared to alternate heating sources such as electric, natural gas or propane.

Cozy atmosphere

Second to none experience for providing an intimate atmosphere for conversation.

Supports local economy

Firewood suppliers are local to your community and put money directly into the community rather than giant energy corporations.

Canadian experience

Enjoy a form of heating your home that is truly Canadian.